The quality of your workplace environment is crucial when it comes to the productivity, engagement, and absence levels of your employees. You’ve already invested so much time and resources in performing a DBS check and proper assessment to cherry-pick the best talent for your business; now it’s not the time to stop with your efforts.

Although it is easy to understate its importance, making your workplace environment work for your employees can lead to a much higher ROI than you might think. In fact, reports have shown that disengaged workers can cost businesses up to $550 billion a year.

Consider luxury features

Now, most enterprise owners will hyperfocus on the cost, space, and customer requirements when it comes to selecting a location for their office space. Although you should pay attention to all this, there are simpler luxuries that your employees can benefit from. This can include close proximity to grocery stores, free staff parking, or on-site kitchen facilities.

Furthermore, giving your employees access to free coffee, tea, or even cookies and the like can do wonders for boosting your employees’ workplace satisfaction, despite not being that big of an investment.

Invest into it

Investing in the workplace environment is the quickest way to improve it. Make sure that the lighting within is good, and check up on your ventilation regularly. Try to block out as much noise pollution as possible; employees have a much easier time working in a quiet area than a loud one, and quality will reflect this.

Decorating the walls with soft colors and simpler wall art can also bring some life into it. Furthermore, you should always keep a high standard of sanitation at the workplace. As COVID-19 has taught us, a sanitary office environment can be a lot more than a pleasantry.

Take feedback

You should always look to have enough time to talk to your employees about what they like about their workplace environment, and what they find lacking. This list is only a general tool, as your employees will know best what they want.

You should encourage your staff to provide you with feedback and constructive criticism so you can better understand their needs. Now, you could simply bring up these issues every now and again, or you could nurture a workplace culture where pointing out things like these is considered the norm.

Additionally, encouraging that your staff be open with complaints can lead to a safer workplace; for example, a whistleblowing system can empower your employees and give them peace of mind.

Foster a healthy work-life balance

Although many assume that the more employees work, the more work gets done, this isn’t actually true most of the time. Encouraging presenteeism can reduce productivity and motivation, as well as increase resentment.

Giving your employees tools to minimize spending time on tedious tasks will help increase productivity while simultaneously saving time which fosters a healthy work-life balance. For example, if you have a team responsible for creating content for your company, having them use a grammar checker tool to spot grammatical errors instead of doing it manually will cut down time spent on the project.

Allowing your employees to have a great work-life balance can be a difficult step for a company to take, however, you’ll find it usually isn’t as scary as it looks. For example, COVID made a lot of companies start allowing their employees to work remotely, and yet a lot of those companies didn’t suffer in terms of productivity — some even benefited! 

Remote work also helps you save on utilities and office space. If your employees feel like they can take some time off every now and then or work flexible shifts, you’ll have a lot more loyalty from them. 

Show your appreciation

It’s easy to forget the fact that your staff is made up of people, and those people don’t get praised for a job well done very often. Simply letting your employees know that they’ve done a great job can be a great incentive for them to work harder. The way you let them know is up to you; it can be a simple thank you, an award, an office party, or a large bonus. If your employee is working from home, conference calling is a great way to check in with them and let them know that their work is appreciated — it’ll go a long way. 

You should always be thinking about whether your employees are getting enough credit for their contributions to the company, but this doesn’t just mean that you should shower them with praise. Giving your employees free training opportunities and the like can not only boost their productivity but also give you a much more skilled employee rather quickly.

And a skilled employee who is happy and content at work translates to better customer value management and more satisfied clients.


These five factors are only some of the ways that you can help make a better workplace environment for your employees. The best way to do it will forever depend on their specific needs and desires.

With that being said, as long as you keep an open mind and encourage your employees to give you their honest feedback, you’ll have a happier, more productive workplace in no time!