Running a business from home can be challenging. You are easily distracted by your family members, and it also becomes hard to separate your workspace and living space. Leasing commercial space can cost hundreds and even thousands of pounds every month, and many of us cannot afford it. If you are determined to find a workspace that is practical and cost-effective, a storage unit is a great idea. Here is a list of businesses that you can run from a storage unit.


If you run an online shop, a storage unit will be an excellent solution for your business. Aside from being a safe storage space for your products, you can also use your unit as an office and photo studio for your merchandise. With proper organisation, you will be able to keep an inventory of what is coming in and going out. All our sites have manned receptions and 24 hours recorded CCTV so you can rest assured that your unit is well protected.

Photo studio

You can set up a professional photo studio from any location, as long as you have the right equipment. With quality backdrops and good lighting, you can create beautiful images in a storage unit. Depending on the size of your unit, you can have several set-ups and even a designated editing area. Clients would also feel more comfortable when your studio is outside your house, so renting out a unit might help you gain more clientele.

Audio and video production

Storage units are versatile spaces. They can be easily converted into anything you want. If you are in the music, advertising, or film industries, getting a storage space can really benefit your business. You can create different sets and shoot your videos from the same unit. You can also insulate the walls and create a sound recording studio.

Thrift store

If you enjoy thrifting, upcycling or collecting antiques and want to start an online thrift store, a storage unit is a must-have to store your wares. Whether you pick up vintage clothing, books or furniture online or in charity shops and at fairs, a storage unit is a great climate-controlled holding place until you find the perfect buyer. Or perhaps you want to start by decluttering your own home and selling your items online? Many online auction sites are great ways to find customers, or you could set up your own website.

Content creation

If you have a YouTube channel, renting a storage unit can make life easier because you will have a designated area to make videos without interruptions. If you are renting the unit for a long time, you can install some of your equipment permanently on the walls, to ensure that your set up is always ready. At Safestore, we have stores across the country so you can get a storage unit near your home for an easier commute. To book a unit, contact us today.