We could define the brand as the set of elements that characterize a company. Therefore a creative branding and design agency is the right place to go to if you need to renovate the image and reputation of your company.

Branding experts use a variety of strategies that involve research, design, communication, innovation in order to improve the perception of the brand by current users and potential customers. All of these strategies, together, strengthen brand identity and make your business relevant and recognizable.

The preliminary research phase

In order to create a perfect branding and design strategy, the agency needs to study your company inside and out. Every detail of your products and services, every background story of your collaborators, your company’s history and values will be researched in order to make them more appealing.

This is also a phase where competitors are under scrutiny.

  • What are their unique selling points?
  • How are they communicating with customers?
  • Which channels and tone of voice do they use?
  • What is their overall aesthetic and graphic design?
  • Do people trust them?

Every answer to these questions will help you find your unique features and highlight them, allowing you to stand out from the competition. The research phase will involve actual and potential customers too: how they behave in real life and on the web, why they choose a product or another one, what are their interests and values?

Branding strategies

Making a brand identity means emphasizing the distinctive elements of a brand compared to its competitors, so your first step toward awareness and brand reputation is finding these elements.

USP (Unique Selling Points) are defined as all those characteristics that make your product, your service or your brand different, unique, in any way distinguishable from that of other companies. In short, the question to ask yourself is: why should customers choose you instead of anyone else?

The branding strategies, however, are also made of all the values, stories, emotions linked to your brand. A good brand design agency will be able to create a long-term strategy including graphic, storytelling, engaging content, social media communication and traditional ads: what all these elements will do is tell a story. Your story.

This is why you need a creative branding and design agency that will translate every feature of your products or services, every historical point of your business and even every characteristic of yourself into a marketable, catchy story to share. Customers will therefore feel like part of this story.

How to creatively match storytelling and design

Storytelling is the creation of a world through words, images, emotions linked to your brand. This means you need both creative words and creative designs to make it coherent and appealing. The final goal is to have a unique brand identity, something your actual and prospective clients will remember when looking at your logo, your website layout or your advertising.

It takes an all-encompassing strategy that gives a certain vibe to your business. The colors you use for your logo, the images on your website, every word on each communication channel must be studied to perfection to arouse an emotion in the audience and attach that emotion to your company.

A vibrant and energizing aesthetic or a calming and relaxing one, a loud and proud or gentle tone of voice, technical words or common slang: every one of these decisions will enhance your unique brand identity. Implementing a strategy that uses creative branding and design is the work of a good brand agency.